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Token sale completed on 30 November
2,000,000 USD 2,000,000 USD 100%
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The CYBR Ecosystem is a holistic, cyber security solution for the blockchain which guarantees secure smart transactions happen via a portal designed to deliver real-time safeguards, countermeasures and threat cleverness to the CYBR community along with other crypto entities and exchanges whom depend on our cyber security solutions. CYBR ecosystem try running on BlindSpot, a proprietary, powerful CYBR security engine which identifies and disrupts bad star and associated illicit file activity that seeks to impact the confidentiality, integrity and access of crypto smart agreement transactions. CYBR commercializes and monetizes growing threat cleverness by turning the data into actionable cleverness. CYBR users is rewarded with CYBR tokens for their direct threat cleverness efforts to the CYBR ecosystem.

Token Sale: 15 October — 30 November
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