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Zcash 1.04
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Token sale completed on 21 August
1,000,000 USD 10,611,500 USD 9%
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CyClean (CCL)

CyClean platform the clear cycle by benefiting the customers for utilizing the CyClean merchandise. Within our platform, customers will be capable to hire CyClean autos and merchandise and get emission of CyClean coin through the use of such CyClean merchandise. Later on, CyClean coin may also assist A/S and elements buy service. This method of emission is extra advantageous than earlier methods of mining cryptocurrency as a result of it doesn’t waste monumental quantity of electrical energy and it promotes long run usages of CyClean merchandise which ultimately generates important contribution to fight environmental issues. With the gathered useful resource, CyClean platform will proceed to develop and strengthen the clear cycle.

Token Sale: 27 June — 21 August
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