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Token sale completed on 08 May
9,571,124 USD 30,000,000 USD 31%
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DAOstack (GEN)

DAOstack is an working system for a brand new type of internet group: the DAO. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations have captured the creativeness of the very best minds within the blockchain house, however regardless of their promise have but remained an summary concept. One key level of failure is the shortage of strong framework for decentralized blockchain governance. DAOstack supplies a common stack for collective worth administration on the blockchain, together with a pleasant JavaScript developer surroundings and an intuitive consumer interface. Just as HTTP permits the creation and interoperability of web pages and internet functions, the DAO stack permits the creation and interoperability of internet corporations, collaboration apps and DAOs, in addition to the alignment of their pursuits. The result’s a brand new internet of open collaboration, by which collectives can self-organize round shared targets and values, not restricted by pure financial progress. We imagine this to be a vital step within the evolution of society towards a extra cooperative and sustainable future.

Token Sale: 08 May — 08 May
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