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Token sale completed on 15 June
200,000 USD 3,000,000 USD 6%
Website Whitepaper (DAPPT) is an analytics-driven App Store for Decentralized Apps which allows everybody to find out, analyze and use all dapps easily. As a unified entry aim money for hard times of decentralized apps, facilitate the growth of decentralized applications through a variety of features and products. By collecting information on transaction activities and user actions on the blockchain and using custom algorithms, provides trusted analytics of every dapp within the market. Through the Dapp Store wallet and decentralized Multi-Blockchain Identity Network (MIN), users can access to dapps from all blockchains without repeated account setups and wallet installments for separated blockchains. The cross-chain dapp SDKs will enable dapp development by enabling extension and migration of dapps to various blockchains based on the business needs. Decentralization technology offers unlimited possibilities for changing the world in which we live, and turns these opportunities into reality.

Token Sale: 01 June — 15 June
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