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Data Choice (DCT)

Business Services
Token sale completed on 16 December
473,689 USD 7,500,000 USD 6%
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Data Choice (DCT)

Data Choice are reshaping the $65 billion programmatic marketing market, developing two new technology a Demand Side Platform to serve the ads through for advertisers, & our Data Audience Platform that puts you in control.
Users earn DCT tokens for sharing their data, & for taking part in our ad surveys. When a person submits their data it really is hashed to the blockchain where it generates segmented data sets. This implies that their information is fully secure as well as the breaches we have actually seen this season cannot take place with Data Choice.
Our DCT Token could be the only way advertisers can access the data portions, and we will incentivise them to use our token for his or her advertising invest by offering lower technology fees.
At our technology in very early 2019 we will move our existing customers and agencies over to your technology.
Integrating with the Bancor protocol to offer our users liquidity. Holders of DCT tokens will also share in our triumph from 2019 onwards.

Token Sale: 01 November — 16 December
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