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Demeter (DMT)

Today numerous farmers – in both developed or developing nations – are “forced” by marketplace circumstances to use extremely intense agricultural practices. Pesticides, genetically modified seeds and early crop harvesting is all put so that you can keep up with market makers and maintain a farmer’s razor thin margin.
With little alternative, customers end up purchasing food that will have been shipped for weeks at the same time, as well as for premium prices – never being sure for the real quality of just what they’re about for eating.
Demeter as well as the DMT Token bring an agriculture revolution alive. By combining the effectiveness of the blockchain with regional, little agriculture units – we make transparent, micro-farming a real reality. Call it Ag4.0 or contact it Growfunding. It’s the ultimate farm-to-table, and it’s about to replace the way you take in.
Demeter gives you complete control – by connecting your straight to nearby farmers – anywhere worldwide. Simply choose your micro-farm size, practice and produce – or shop from local farm food materials – along with your fresh food is sent to their home. No more premium costs. No considerably unknown farming practices. No more days very long shipping times.
And by cutting out the “corporate market makers” every farmer benefits too. They make most, farm better, and have direct connection to your community.

Token Sale: 18 November — 18 December
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