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Dench Music (MIC) Logo

Dench Music (MIC)

Token sale completed on 15 December
Goal: 553,000 USD
Website Whitepaper
Dench Music (MIC)

Dench Music are a Dutch full-service music production team that creates sounds and sounds video, recruits and manages musical talent, and provides a full suite of music manufacturing and sounds distribution services for domestic and worldwide markets. Dench Music is launching an ICO to invest in its expansion into the for-profit production of top of course, popular music video utilizing A-list artists who is partnered with talented, although not yet globally famous, DJs. Dench Music seeks to engage potential investors in the company. Our vision are for every person in order to engage in the creation of songs from their favourite artists, to connect to the sounds business, to access interaction and benefits that have never ever been offered before utilizing decentralised processes and Blockchain tech. Our individuals will love getting direct profits while enriching the globe with great music.
Our goal are to raise 35 million EUR in ETH through this ICO. The Soft cap is 500,000 EUR which covers the approximate expenses for one project. The most we raise, the most tracks and video will become created, resulting in larger profit sharing for investors. The exchange price that will estimate the final amount of ETH having to become raised will be established two days ahead of the start of this Whitelist sale. Since we already are a recognised team, we do perhaps not need funds to construct any infrastructure. The money raised will become completely utilized to protect expenses of song production and marketing related costs to optimise profits for our investors and artists. We anticipate the funds to protect the direct expenses of approximately 40-50 projects, depending on the artists and related marketing efforts.
As a main component of our ICO, we offer investors as much as 30% income sharing. Our approach is completely legally compliant and allows qualified investors to participate in the income sharing opportunity. Prof- their will become directly connected to the tracks created thus of this ICO. Profit sharing percentages and quantity invested is going to be clearly claimed in the Investment Agreement which is going to be finalized by every participant. The Investment Agreement will stays legitimate through the end of the ICO until December 2023. In 1st year, revenue sharing are paid out quarterly and yearly thereafter.
Dench Music targets to generate on average, according to industry standards as well as on past experience, between 500% and 1000per cent profit (5x to 10x the invested amount) per venture. We anticipate the video will garner from 100 million to 1 billion views per video in its very first 5 years on the web, supported by a comprehensive advertisements strategy, we believe most of this views will take place in the first eight months. For investors, once we stated, Dench Music will distribute 30% of any realised profits, provided the difficult cap is met.
The percentage of difficult cap fulfilment will regulate how much profit will be shared with investors. For instance, in the event that raised amount is 80per cent of most ETH, the percentage of profit sharing to investors is going to be 30% * 0,8 hard cap fulfilment = 24% of profit sharing among investors. Contributors will also receive 2,500 free MIC Tokens for every ETH contributed (MIC tokens is fully practical ERC20 utility tokens) through a smart contract. Among other uses, the MIC Tokens could be exchanged on the Dench Music Retail platform for exciting and unique music business opportunities. These service will be posted on our Dench Music Retail platform which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Purchasable services and goods, depending on the artists in the project, include meet and greets, presence in the set of the video shoot, star wardrobe auctions, additional position in a video clip clip of this celebrity, concert ticket discounts, VIP events invites plus much more.
Investors can spend money on ETH. The hard-cap is in EUR and so the transformation price to ETH is yet to be calculated. The conversion rate will be calculated two days ahead of the start of Whitelist purchase to restrict the potential aftereffect of program changes. An average conversion price of these two days will be determined and will also be announced on our social channels.
**We do publish the cost per token with this web site but please take into account that our tokens our provided out at no cost along with the Investment Agreement. Up to 30% profit sharing ensured via an Investment Agreement is the essential role of our ICO. MIC tokens are provided for COMPLIMENTARY and the investment in 2500 MIC per 1 ETH price.

Token Sale: 01 December — 15 December
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