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Token sale completed on 20 June
Goal: 84,500 USD
Website Whitepaper

Dengba inn, the predecessor of Dengba planet, was founded in 2007. After 12 years of operation and development, 88 Dengba inns have actually been created in 70 cities in 10 nations around the entire world. More than 1,000,000 Backpackers come to Dengba each year, and nearly 50,000 online Backpackers have created in the past few years. Backpackers are friends of free teams with similar values. This allows Dengba to bring its own natural community features of blockchain. With the stronger commercial performance of Ultiledger public chain agreement, it assists the original Dengba company, builds a new enterprize model, and constructs the largest decentralized backpacker community within the world.
Token Use:
DBT can be utilized as a medium of trade, or as a deduction for accommodation charges, as an assurance the buy of shared services, as a crowdsourcing fee, as Token in Denba's ecosystem, etc. As an ecosystem based on blockchain technology architecture, Dengba network provides distributed, open and clear global public databases. There is three main purposes and functionality of native asset DBT:
A. Crowdsourcing: In the initial phase, part of DBT is distributed towards foundation, cornerstone investors and public offerings as proof fund-raising legal rights and interests. The funds raised are employed for the expansion of Dengba's scale, such as the establishment of most Dengba inns, the supply of lease, design, staff recruitment, etc.
B. Consumption within the network, a small role in protecting Dengba network and preventing attacks. All deals, account activation, sharing and forwarding, commenting, and saving data in the community need to take DBT. Each activity pays 0.00001 DBT, which is made to prevent malicious users from blocking the network (DoS attacks). Protect the normal trading strategies within the public network and stop the intake of a great deal of guide area.
C. As a bridge to more assets in the community, it may provide better liquidity between small assets and assets.

Token Sale: 20 June — 20 June
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