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Devnetwork (DEV)

Business Services
Token sale completed on 30 March
8,100,000 USD
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Devnetwork creates international skilled community, HR software, neighborhood engagement, occasion administration and large-scale skilled database. Devnetwork is constructing on prime of Devcamp platform which let each stakeholder in tech industries develop ecosystem collectively.
In the expertise sector the place the shortage of expertise provide is greater than 40% and within the fintech and Blockchain trade the place greater than 70% of the employers are having bother filling the positions, this creates the chance for $600 Billion in HR market in 2017. Devnetwork is blockchain platform on ERC-20 that may revolutionize HR and produce extra skills to the industries with long run sustainable resolution to mitigate the issue of tech ecosystem.
Devnetwork ( has instruments to create skills hub and analyst for expertise‘s profile and also tools for technology companies to hiring and outsourcing the project. Devnetwork works as the blockchain platform for Human Resource Management to be used as a secure form of payment for the hiring of salarymen, freelancers and value-added products. Devnetwork will create escrow and smart contract and receive platform fee from stakeholder and company’s actions within the platform for instance, job looking, job submit for firms, premium Artificial Intelligence for the suggestion on hiring skills, and extra ecosystem options like neighborhood and occasion system.

Token Sale: 16 February — 30 March
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