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DiCoBlock (DICO)

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Token sale completed on 21 July
Goal: 20,000,000 USD
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DiCoBlock (DICO)

DiCoBlock is a service that may boost the transparency of the payment and circulation of functions and maximize the profit of the creator through the use of block string technology with stronger safety and transparency to the content distribution field to supply decentralization-based digital contents distribution provider technology.
DiCoBlock provider provides a means to secure the traceability, copyright information clarity and credibility besides the content distribution. The changes of social perception through the establishment of a virtuous cycle construction has led towards expansion of the electronic contents industry market, the protection of the legal rights for the creator, and the opportunity for recreation through reasonable and transparent settlement and distribution. The industry can expect changes in social perceptions. The logical use of content due to the direct deal involving the user and the creator. As the purchase price increases, the rates of unlawful circulation works will be paid off to expand the entire digital contents industry and track and supervise illegal distribution works. The cost will also decrease. As a result, it will be possible to secure the mutual trust through promoting the production and blood circulation of digital articles considering the expansion of trust between the creator and the consumer, securing transparency in payment, and thereby, the digital articles usage can be activated. As the movement of brand new content creators increases through activation, the digital content business can grow and produce a virtuous cycle structure where writers' creative activities will feel promoted.

Token Sale: 10 June — 21 July
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