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Token sale completed on 30 September
Goal: 2,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Digiwills is a service considering a good contract that aims to ensure your digital assets are not lost or fall into the wrong hands. Thanks to the blockchain technology, with this innovative service you’ll be able to safely leave your entire digital assets.
Such as: Access to Cryptographic Portfolios, Exchange, bank accounts, email messages and passwords of your social sites and everything that only you have got access to.
With this service we could keep everything for our families to enjoy our digital assets.
The service will likely be considering an smart contract in the blockchain, this implies that no entity or person will have access or control to the data of the users.
Only the users themselves and the successors will have access, once the ideas are sent to them.
The data will be stored inside blockchain, encrypted with the dog owner's key.
Once in the blockchain there’ll be no way to alter or look over them with no owner’s key.
Being a decentralized service, the info will likely be replicated throughout the community so losing them will be impossible.
How it works
On the working platform, the user will have the ability to create an account in which they can save sensitive information, such as: users and passwords, details of bank accounts or any information they wish to feel grouped in blocks (Wills), in the blockchain in a safe way, to these blocks the user can assign successors that may get the ideas included in the block (Will).
These obstructs (Wills) will likely be encrypted using the unique key of each individual, therefore just the holder will have access to said information and his assigned successors as soon as he satisfies certain criteria.
The service will eat a number of the Digiwills Token (DGW) daily, as a condition to keep important computer data retained. If account operate away from funds, the machine will be sending the data to successors.

Token Sale: 01 September — 30 September
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