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DIPChain aims to facilitate all advantages that the blockchain implementation can provide in the region of valuing and exchanging art as well as funding and buying performers and artworks.
Possibilities of tracking and authenticity of art functions can be had through blockchain system. Contracts accelerate the movement of discounts, train young brand new artists, help performers to achieve intellectual results, provide aided by the platform for demonstration of genuine powerful evaluation of artists and art functions in the neighborhood, augment the amount of artistic marketplace, market development for the industry, promote development of the industry. DIP is the blockchain-based artistic digital community creating ecological bundle of art business linking the artistic industry, for instance, memorial of the auction house, cultural organizations as well as other ecosystems of art industry in purchase to create the education collection, art amateurs of perfect artworks and high-quality artistic services, provision of performers with comprehensive training and incubation, as well as effective services of intellectual property. In accordance with the unique economy of CIS and mechanism of distributed people we will form “” new world “” artistic ecology and retrieve brand new standards in art industry.

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