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DirectHome (DIREC)

Real Estate
Token sale completed on 16 October
1,900,000 USD 3,000,000 USD 63%
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DirectHome (DIREC)

DirectHome (‘DH’) could be the brainchild of Kiegan Chia, an engineer by training and former elite top-performing realtor. Kiegan believes that the real property agency business as we all know it try a dying trade. In February 2016, he thus launched DH, a comprehensive online platform, that connects home sellers (and landlords) to audience (and renters). The platform provides a means where parties can avoid the requirement for agents (and associated charges) in transacting successfully. DH enables their people to thought prospective homes from the comfort of the laptop computers and instead of calling a real estate agent to schedule viewings, allows people to message vendors straight if a listing catches their eye. The two business lines DH presently offers is in particular of (a) secondary sales (‘resale properties’) and (b) biggest product sales (‘developer sales’).

Token Sale: 15 May — 16 October
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