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Zcash -4.33
$53.23 -8.13048%
Monero -9.17
$109.86 -8.34715%
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Token sale completed on 25 May
24,000,000 USD 24,000,000 USD 100%
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EdenChain (EDN)

EdenChain is a block-chain platform expertise that may capitalize and commerce all forms of property with the programmable Economy Platform expertise. By utilizing the block chain Smart Contract, you may capitalize all tangible and intangible asset-value in to the Token(Tokenization). We use sensible contracts to combine actual and digital economies, creating a brand new and large financial system and programmable economic system. Programmable Economy: 1) It can decrease transaction prices as a result of there isn’t any center man. 2) It can share the income that the center man can monopolize. 3) It can create new market that has by no means existed by means of the capitalization of home and overseas supplies. Which will enrich many individuals's lives by returning the monetary advantages again to them.

Token Sale: 24 May — 25 May
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