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Token sale completed on 31 May
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edeXa (EDEXA)

edeXa provides businesses innovative systems for the provide chain in the blockchain. Each transaction on the blockchain is processed in real time, meets the highest security requirements and creates transparency in the industry process.
edeXa try a start-up with experienced employees and a worldwide footprint. edeXa AG try a spin-off of the successful io-market AG from Liechtenstein. The younger company concentrates on radically rethinking existing provide string processes and delivering new solutions based on the blockchain.
The solutions of edeXa are provided as “Blockchain as a Service” to companies and can be simply built-into existing business procedures. By the fusion of two technologies, the supply string tech of io-market and the innovative technology of the blockchain of Hyperledger, brand-new approaches in the company procedures arise, with a higher automation, more transparency and most importantly a massively greater security.
With this new business blockchain, we allow innovative companies to effortlessly apply blockchain technology. For this purpose edeXa is developing their own “Consortium Blockchain”, which will comprise of a large number of “member companies”. These businesses also have actually the possibility to generate “Private Blockchains” for company-internal procedures and to utilize the Consortium Blockchain of edeXa for cross-company processes. Thus processes may be automatic internally as well as a cross-company via Smart Contracts.

Token Sale: 01 March — 31 May
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