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Token sale completed on 01 October
1,300,000 USD 10,000,000 USD 13%
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Elpis, could be the very first crypto-asset trading team totally driven by Artificial Intelligence and according to blockchain, to bridge the space between old and brand new finance by investing both crypto and old-fashioned assets, offering our technologies to both institutional and retail clients.
Elpis goal would be to provide trading signals (particular exchanging marketplace purchases) to every participant in the fund and its particular ICO, and give the capability to perform as an expert investment manager, using a technologies platform created to professionally manage a fund and trade automatically, but in an easily comprehensible application that calls for minimal to no intervention. Elpis system is already showing a 40% gain within the last 4 months with low drawdown for both s&p500 benchmark and crypto marketplace benchmark (civ20).
Elpis mission will be a leader in the Trading and Blockchain area by operating with the aim to be more efficient compared to the average trading competition, working only on efficiency, and because they build an organization and a framework totally open and clear for our customers that, thanks to the blockchain, will be in a position to constantly validate and audit our operations. The final objective is to offer access to our trading and fund management technologies now in hands of couple of, to the masses.

Token Sale: 06 August — 01 October
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