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The IZ Real Estate Kriens GmbH is a Swiss-based company that is active inside genuine estate field since 2013. As industry insiders with extremely wide expertise, market knowledge and informative exchange with business lovers, holders, landlords and audience, we have actually recognized problems and suboptimal procedures currently at the national amount without imagining similar but much wider trouble on international amounts! With Etheera, we have discovered the ALL IN ONE solution.
Etheera supplies the first decentralized global real-estate system, according to the Ethereum blockchain, which supplies properties for purchase, renting and bed & morning meal offers. This platform is great for everybody and everyone, even though you as a private individual desire to offer a room for starters night or longer period of the time, or whether you’re looking such a thing else. Etheera also believes about the real estate brokers and professionals of the and provides a whole software tool which has integrated possibilities and certainly will match all needs. Simply the ALL IN ONE SINGLE solution for everyone!

Token Sale: 10 February — 03 June
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