Bitcoin 665.64
$7,237.78 9.19673%
Ethereum 0.45
$125.28 0.35974%
XRP 0.00
$0.19 0.99383%
Zcash 0.38
$57.19 0.67184%
Monero 0.75
$66.04 1.1324%
Tether -0.00
$1.00 -0.02521%
Elite -0.00
$0.00 -11.86399%
Stellar 0.01
$0.09 12.87208%
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Ethorse (HORSE)

Token sale completed on 20 February
4,619,720 USD
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Ethorse is an Ethereum Smart Contract based DApp for betting on the buying price of Cryptocurrencies and win from everybody who bets against your. Users bet on a coin/token that has the greatest cost enhance % among all of those other competing ones in a certain time frame. Bets is placed and rewards is claimed using Metamask plugin or Mist. Being entirely secured by the blockchain, no-one has control of the race or user funds once a contract try implemented and a race try established.

Token Sale: 10 January — 20 February
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Ethorse (HORSE) token price
$0.0091930 0.0000395 ETH
Returns since ICO
ROI -100.00%
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