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European Cryptocurrency Exchange (EUCX)

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The European Cryptocurrency Exchange, or EUCX (pronounced You See Ex) try a new cryptocurrency trade with a global focus, based in the Netherlands, filling the European gap in secure and regulated exchanges aimed during the expert retail trader and boutique firms.
The EUCX platform try centered on the demanding and professional investor. Including the upper segment of retail trader and boutique firms. These types of traders have higher needs whenever it comes to client help, trading costs, automation, security and dependability of not just the trading platform, but the corporation it self.
When examining the worldwide surroundings of cryptocurrency exchanges, one views that both Asia and North America are the dominant players in the cryptosphere, yet Europe try lacking behind. This reality had been recognized by the European Union in 2018. This is an ironic reality seeing as historically talking Europe, and particularly the Netherlands, has been the origin of financial innovation.
Throughout the final few years, cryptocurrencies have actually exploded into a true digital financial ecosystem. At the time of writing, over $15 billion (USD) in volume is exchanged on a daily foundation, regarding the various cryptocurrency exchanges around the world nowadays. Unfortunately, with all the increasing volume and interest, weaknesses have become obvious. Several exchanges have problems with numerous issues, ranging from poor customer services, lacking information security and unreliable availability, poor liquidity, and a questionable legal basis. The picture that’s being painted is certainly one of crudeness. It seems that, in most cases, cryptocurrency exchanges underestimate the total amount of work that adopts successfully run a service organization.
These days many exchanges go from their way in order to avoid regulatory oversight. EUCX does the opposite by actively complying with latest financial laws on both a nationwide and European level and seeking and remaining in close discourse with regulators and the appropriate authorities.
On top of the solid fundamentals, EUCX also boasts having the one of this quickest matching engines in the industry to date, with more than 4M trades per 2nd and two tiers of real-time redundancy and availability, allowing boutique firms and professional traders to gain access to institutional level systems for a retail price.

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