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Token sale completed on 31 December
Goal: 500 000 EUR

As time has passed by, a began to realize how powerful and revolutuining the blockchain technologies is and it’s still in the future. Right now, we is at the start of a massive and groundbreaking change of the way the financial system operates. The key element is going to be to build one unifying ecosystem that is going to be capable of coordinating and managing all dominating trans- and interactions between clients throughout the globe while being fully secure and protected.
We, through the EXBEGA team, take one step at a time. We start by merging the three lucrative and prospering sectors EXchange, wagering and GAmbling – EXBEGA was created.
The EXBEGA token is stored within three already operating techniques combined in a single back workplace enabling the clients to interconnect involving the different sectors really effortlessly. These three platforms operate on our personal terminals, on which these functions are offered:
• Sports betting
• Casino
• Purchase and purchase of crypto currencies

Token Sale: 01 October — 31 December
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