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$22,852.00 -4.10007%
Ethereum -82.80
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Token sale completed on 30 March
Goal: 1,346,977 USD
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Fatum (RNG)

Fatum is a system based on robust, immutable blockchain tech, positively clear and accessible to anyone for public and private verification. In the Fatum project, the architecture and algorithms for mixing random numbers is created in a way that produces it technically impractical to manipulate the random numbers. Before each games session, random numbers are being registered and encrypted on the RNG Coin blockchain. They become available and accessible for verification following the end of the game. This makes it effortless for anyone to validate the randomness for the figures. Fatum is a platform based on blockchain technology, absolutely transparent and accessible to anybody for public verification. Smart contracts provide all players with instant payments, regardless of the quantity of their winnings or their location.

Token Sale: 20 November — 30 March
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