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$53.26 0.59962%
Monero -1.37
$89.36 -1.53547%
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Filmgrid (FILM) Logo

Filmgrid (FILM)

Token sale completed on 30 June
Goal: 21 000 000 USD

Filmgrid is an ideological project, seeking to produce a redundant platform that delivers a fair innovative alternate to movie company; removing intermediaries from the imaginative and creating procedures.
A location in which independent filmmakers and viewers can interact in purchase to create best videos with richer content and real creative freedom. The application offer the services required for this become possible:
The Billboard. A movie market where creative people may offer their movies, and viewer people can buy them and stream them.
The Pitchboard. A podium where film jobs can seek funding either by obtaining it from the Filmgrid’s manufacturing fund, pre-sales or collective manufacturing.
The Critique Bay. A social network environment that promotes the connectivity between all the users and the spread of ideas.
Filmgrid will use the power of blockchain technology to handle transactions and hosting the smart contracts that will secure funds, voting, and other important aspects that produce Filmgrid unique.

Token Sale: 01 May — 30 June
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