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Finlocale (FNL)

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Token sale completed on 15 December
2,520,000 USD 25,000,000 USD 10%
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Finlocale are a peer to peer crypto marketplace. In which, purchasers and sellers link, change bitcoins through secure escrow and personal online talk. Its unlimited repayment type abilities bring buyers and vendors from world wide with any feasible globe payment type, enable them do crypto money exchange. It's among their type making money platform for merchants, vendors, buyers & sellers Finlocale’s OTC academy program enable small merchants and vendors from all world wide with any feasible world payment kind to do cryptocurrency exchange.
Various Services:
1. Wall-street like crypto forex
2. Coinstar like Crypto currency money exchange
3. Uber like crypto money buyer/seller finder:
4. Ebay like markets spot
5. Western Union / Moneygram like money exchanger.
6. Paypal/ wechat/ alipay/ paytm like crypto currency payment gateway

Token Sale: 01 November — 15 December
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