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FLASH will apply a newer delegate-based consensus model called FLASH Consensus (FC). FC retains the decentralized spirit of cryptocurrency by relying on elected Delegates to rapidly achieve blockchain consensus and ensure security. Every user will have a way to use FLASH coins to throw votes for Delegates. Delegates will vote on network matters such as deal fees and miner selection.
Delegates elect 25 Miners who create brand new obstructs on the blockchain. Rather than making use of PoS or PoW to secure the string, FC controls the ordering of block generation liberties by supplying each Miner with a specific timeslot during which they can mine a block. When a Miner creates a block on the chain, that block serves as a vote showing legitimacy. This new delegate model keeps network safety while simultaneously enabling high transaction throughput.
The FC algorithm also introduces a thought called Consensus Height (CH). CH refers to your moment whenever >50% of elected Miners have created a block along with any given block within the string. When this happens, opinion has been reached and a block is recognized as legitimate.

Token Sale: 27 November — 23 December
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