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Followine (WINE)

Business Services
Token sale completed on 28 March
Goal: 1,087,000 USD
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Followine is a forward thinking Italian start-up founded in June 2017, with the goal of developing a method with the capacity of efficiently fight the sensation of wine counterfeiting. The Mission is to create a worldwide ecosystem that connects the actors of this wine globe and consumers, encouraging the introduction of new worldwide versions of correspondence and business.
The provider offered by the Company provides for random and univocal QR codes provide, printed in the rear-labels of each specific container of wines produced by the member company. These codes is generated through a proprietary algorithm and registered on a platform (Followine Security System – FSS) built on blockchain technology, which guarantees continuity of provider, information protection, and scalability.
How does the ecosystem work? Consumers can utilize tokens to purchase through Followine platform or e-commerce partner and, alternatively, they can convert them to FIAT (any currency with legal tender: euro, dollar and thus on). The e-commerce, through Tokens, can pick marketing service from Followine, wine through the user producers or can convert the Tokens in FIAT. Producers may use them to buying all Followine services, alternatively of cash. Tokens going back to Followine is going to be distributed to consumers for every scan.
Followine is founded on a comprehensive B2B business design that involves consumers, making them a dynamic the main process and guaranteeing them benefits both in the quick plus in the medium and longterm. Unlike most blockchain projects, we at Followine did maybe not restrict ourselves to writing a small business plan, but we analyzed the circumstances that guarantee sustainability inside short and longer term and the revenues through the sale of the service we offering.
Wine producers will incur an expense to make the most of our anti-counterfeiting service, to be able to elect to pay, instead:
– for every code given by Followine, despite the quantity of scans performed;
– for every scan of the rule carried out by a customer in a univocal means, so that more scans means considerably profits for Followine (devoid of to bear the original cost in this case, which is a legitimate motivation for all producers, whom are motivated by the chance of distributing out their investing). This scenario try virtually identical to what goes on with Google Ads, transposed to the concrete world.
In choice, upselling service can be obtained for both wine manufacturers along with other commercial partners, that will have actually a positive influence on Followine financial statements: we think of our reports in the wine market which, thanks towards data gathered by our users, is going to be many complete on industry, because well as all the marketing-related services that will are based on it.

Token Sale: 01 February — 28 March
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