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Forest Foundation (FRST) Logo

Forest Foundation (FRST)

Token sale completed on 08 January
Goal: 5,000,000 USD
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Forest Foundation (FRST)

Forest Foundation is addressing the necessity for instant action needed to preserve Earth’s climate by purchasing forests around the globe. The Foundation will issue carbon offset tokens supported by genuine forests and similar green plantations. For companies and people who want to hold carbon credits which are truly meaningful, Forest Foundation try providing ways to assure that the credits mean one thing and aren’t simply a way of getting regulatory conformity. Forest Foundation will utilize blockchain technology to produce a transparent ecosystem, in which information pertaining to the purchase, purchase, and monitoring of forest land will be validated through the blockchain. The Foundation will use satellite imagery, belongings title, and annual tax documents to build proof of ownership of this woodland along with its upkeep record. Additionally, Forest Foundation will partner with third-party agencies/corporations to spread their methodology globally.

Token Sale: 20 December — 08 January
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