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Fortem Capital (FCQ)

Real Estate
Token sale completed on 07 July
5,124,000 USD 42,000,000 USD 12%
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Fortem Capital (FCQ)

Fortem Capital are creating the very first ever system regarding the Polish markets based on the blockchain technology. The platform permits to spend money on our projects in a simple and protected way. We create investors with an opportunity to invest their assets in genuine home sector, through our projects by utilizing the Fortem Capital token. We have a long time’ experience and thus far we now have carried out the projects of an overall total benefits exceeding 40 million USD.
IEO offered by Fortem Capital is according to tangible assets. The reason for our own IEO is to raise funds for the platform Fortem Capital and the development of selected jobs. An investor will become able to enter a trust agreement therefore taking on a desired portion of stocks of a house to become further resold. The investor will discover from the beginning the projected return on the investment.
The process through the acquisition a property through its renovation and culminating in its further reselling is overseen by Fortem Capital in full. When a property is offered, the investor receives their share in cryptocurrency and their return depends on the final property selling cost. That price should never be lower than the projected total return.
As part of the first stage of the IEO, Fortem Capital chosen a number of real property projects. Their aggregate worth (like the price of construction/renovation but excluding investor and company fees) stands at $35 million.
IEO Fortem Capital is going to be on the

Token Sale: 04 July — 07 July
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