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Token sale completed on 15 March
Goal: 12 000 000 USD

FRESCO is the world's first blockchain artwork belief worth distribution community. Transactions and circulation of artwork have been below myriad regulation for greater than 5 centuries. On the operational degree, nonetheless, the opaqueness of the transaction, the anomaly of authenticity, the extremely concentrated energy of pricing and the unique collector’s circle together with a scarcity of entry to prestigious paintings have collectively fashioned a formidable barrier that saved most artwork buyers from the market. FRESCO, a revolutionary artwork belief analysis and knowledge sharing community, creates a decentralized artwork ecosystem. Unlike the standard main and secondary artwork market, all artworks within the FRESCO community are systematically archived on the blockchain. This presents an assurance of anonymity, transparency, and liquidity, whereas doubtlessly fixing points resembling appraisal, authentication, and knowledge asymmetry.

Token Sale: 21 February — 15 March
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