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Futurepia (PIA)

a sizable amount of social media marketing DApp services treating personal content will emerge. However, we ought to be prepared with this situation, and all sorts of of us should resolve the situation of this blockchain business. We will present our solution to the situation: the FUTUREPIA mainnet.
Futurepia try a blockchain mainnet for higher visitors Dapps. Often known as "EOS Killer", has developed a new DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm (patent pending) which try a considerable improvement over DPoS (EOS) both in terms of scalability and protection. The mainnet has currently been released and has demonstrated 300k deals per second in the test environment (certified by KOLAS). Its deployable both in Windows and Linux environment with 50 APIs already developed.
Problems with existing blockchains:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS are all mainnet. Thousands of blockchain ventures have emerged in the final ages and most of them are founded on these mainnet solutions. CryptoKitties and Akasha are also based on Ethereum mainnet. However, Ethereum-based blockchain services are so sluggish (15 deals per second) that it really is impractical to create real services, and companies that succeeded in ICO based on Ethereum should select a brand new mainnet. Moreover, with Ethereum there try the responsibility of having to spend a tiny fee for every single transaction. Even if people sign up on CryptoKitties, they’ll have to get Ethereum separately to make use of the service. What if your have to spend Gas each time you posted or added a comment on Facebook?
Given the circumstances, EOS try the mainnet that appears become a treatment for Ethereum’s limitations. EOS is the first by trading volume in Korea. However, EOS has some relevant problems. Early stage DApp developers must purchase between 2 to 3 million USD worth of EOS coins to provide service on EOS mainnet. This try a very unfavourable condition for start-ups compared to the present endeavor ecosystems. On another hand, selecting 21 delegate nodes to boost the processing speed seems an excellent approach, but these 21 nodes are vulnerable to network attacks because they are all exposed. On top of this, EOS coin holders who have the effect of choosing representative nodes, show a voting rates of around 20% only, for this reason genuine democracy just isn’t discovered.
Futurepia to your save – The Solution:
Recently, the entire EOS network got stuck as a solitary coin holder staked 50,000 coins into the CPU in EOS. As a result, worldwide a new problems has emerged which may sooner or later need the EOS mainnet to become configured on their own for each DApp service. In fact, DApps like CardioCoin, which is confident that they can run at 3,000 TPS at the very first launch and don’t want to be affected by mainnet malfunctions due to other DApps, took these EOS issues seriously and finally solved the need for a completely independent mainnet services by partnering with united states. The FUTUREPIA social media marketing mainnet wants become the solution that overcomes the weaknesses of this above blockchain mainnets.
We focus in the social media category, not a generic mainnet that covers all areas. Through this, we will provide support to diverse social media marketing DApps that want to use individual contents in an easier way. It will speed up the developing of joining DApp by giving a stable mainnet services besides as a number of social media-specific APIs. In addition, by sharing the social network database, which could be the core information in social news, between DApps, it’ll be convenient for DApp users and it can help each developer to handle DApp marketing better.
Recently Futurepia participated at Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland. There were around 270 jobs that requested your competitors, but it was #FUTUREPIA who got till the end and won the greatest Award: Roadshow in Switzerland! And recently Futurepia has been awarded as one of the very “Innovative Blockchain Startups” Award by InnMind.

Token Sale: 02 November — 31 December
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