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Game Loot Network (LOOT)

Token sale completed on 28 June
Goal: 1,000,000 USD
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Game Loot Network (LOOT)

Game Loot Network™ will champion developers and gamers by producing a virtual system that benefits players with real-value and facilitates ‘any-budget’ game design.We desire to offer artists the resources to create the games they envision and reward the players who populate their virtual worlds. Game Loot Network™ will democratize the games enjoy, allowing developers to create and prosper no matter of gatekeepers or budget constraints. We want to give gamers a voice at the initial phases of design so the games built would be the ones people need to perform. Video-games offer rich narratives and interactive experiences unrivaled by any other moderate. The space breeds imagination and innovation, but budgetary limitations, overbearing publishers, and marketing resources pigeonhole creatives. We want to transform the industry into a meritocracy where visionaries flourish even though they, initially, lack extensive budgets.

Token Sale: 29 May — 28 June
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