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Website Whitepaper

GCBIB (Genesis Crypto Blockchain Investment Bank) will bridge the gap between growing and traditional financial services whenever you’re the first fully compliant crypto-friendly bank obtaining the mandatory regulatory framework and technology infrastructure. Though there are also financial organizations, banking institutions and crypto-exchanges operating in identical area, the majority are not fully compliant with prevailing banking laws and regulations, while some absence a solid technical backing.
Powered by a mixture of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence, GCBIB will build the necessary regulatory and technological framework, important to the interoperability between existing and future financial paradigms. The GCBIB Investment & Banking Platform caters specifically to users lookin to integrate cryptocurrency payment alternatives within their business procedures, utilize crypto friendly banking services, and facilitate simplified trade alternatives, all tied and a Blockchain layer for assured safety, transparency and regulatory conformity.
Product innovation:
Crypto-Payment Gateway
GCBIB provides their merchant partners with a selection to simply accept crypto-payments through an on-line repayment gateway solution that takes payments from digital wallets besides as credit/debit cards.
International Debit Card Service
A transparent international debit card with considerably low costs for worldwide conversions. Conversion fees are waived by using GXB tokens.
PoS Payment Integration
An Integrated pc software solution that allows latest POS systems to just accept cryptocurrencies as a kind of payment, either through credit/debit cards or digital wallets.
GCBIB Digital Wallet
GCBIB produces their users a safe electronic wallet that will hold around 25 various cryptocurrencies. The wallet software are usually up-to-date to meet up with the highest standards of security and safety.
GCBIB is for:
Banking Customers
GCBIB provides conventional banking and Insurance goods to their customers, aided by the extra security and transparency of these solutions being built on a blockchain-based infrastructure.
Crypto Investors
Crypto Investors will generate a give on their crypto savings and facilitate frictionless transactions, while retaining a bank guarantee of around $250,000 insurance coverage.
ICO Issuers
Companies searching for to introduce an ICO can experience the huge benefits of the equipment and solutions offered by GCBIB, with the key advantages providing being the ability to liquidate their profits post the ICO.
Merchant accounts regarding the GCBIB system can connect their PoS system to transact and convert crypto to fiat through the PoS integration API’s.
Market Traders
Market Traders can be found a suit of trading technology and qualities, permitting them to produce margin/leverage trades on antique, since well as cryptocurrency markets.
Accounting Teams
SME’s with groups handling accounting books can efficiently decrease their hr by dealing with the accounting platform.
Auditors access the blockchain to produce reports which they can trust is clear and require small to no studies for showing authenticity.
Technology Companies
Technology Companies take advantage of software tools that assist them generate refined A.I. founded company insights, furthermore to automation of processes.

Token Sale: 20 November — 31 January
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