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Token sale completed on 01 December
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Geeba (GBA)

Geeba is a decentralized delivery ecosystem that enables businesses to work deliveries with an autonomous vehicle and smart hubs. The high expenses, not enough efficiency, and need for deliveries today enables Geeba to introduce a fresh method of the business by allowing town to actively participate in the evolution through leveraging blockchain. Geeba empowers retailers with distribution service integrations to gain access to greater capability to deal with delivery demand and enhance customer experience. Geeba utilizes a flexible automatic delivery provider that is town friendly and satisfying to your community. Geeba's incentive-based economy facilitates fleets, scalability for shippers and access inside demand appropriate for autonomous vehicles and their capability. Geeba's computer programs layer, composed of the shippers platform, e-commerce and SDKs enables the ecosystem to function autonomously. Geeba's Community Governance Layer may be the operational layer with the ecosystem management activities powering the platform and streamlining the business operations. Nest Market try Geeba Marketplace for supporters and shippers to spend and deploy functional droids to the surface layer.

Token Sale: 06 October — 01 December
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