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Business Services
Token sale completed on 22 February
1,610,706 USD
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The Giftz™ Network will actually sell blockchain founded cryptopoints including air companies sell miles. Any company can get them. Consumers acquire crypto-points to top up their Giftz™ account and Giftz™ Card and can redeem such points anywhere Visa Cash is accepted. Businesses with foresight can capitalize on the excitement of a rewards cryptocurrency as a distinctive benefits idea for their clients. Use as app-coins, hotel-coins, car-rentalcoins, or even private jet-coins. Giftz™ members can earn and share these tokens with family and friends, because they own the cypto-points they've received in their secure, personal wallet. Giftz™ users can also top up their mobile wallet application that appear with a companion plastic Giftz™Card, much like the Starbucks Rewards App-Card.

Token Sale: 24 November — 22 February
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