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Token sale completed on 02 March
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Global ICO Fund (GIC)

The company Global ICO GmbH was founded in 2017 with the intention to contribute towards development of the brand new financial market associated with the technology that are Blockchain. By merging the insights of traditional investing with all the newer circumstances of Blockchain we hope to do something as a progressive force for the Blockchain community. No thing the level of one’s attentiveness, it shouldn’t come as a controversial claim to anyone who 2017 has been the 12 months of Blockchain. It has become an impossibility to look at any financial broadcast without hearing about Blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has progressed from a mere exotic susceptible to the star of the primary attraction, and rightfully so. BitCoin was absolutely nothing but a hypothetical with future possibility of the wider public earlier to 2017. In a single year of accelerating development, BitCoin is now beating more more forms of opportunities regarding ROI. In the meantime, the quantity of money raised from ICOs exceeded compared to early-stage VC in August 2017. However, all folks are for some extent skeptical whether this tremendous development is justified. Emphasizing parallels towards dot-com age are arguably simplistic but nevertheless serves it purpose. When the destination for the train is indeed promising and yet so uncertain the cost of not getting on the train, and therefore the price tag on the solution might being solely speculative. It is precisely as of this point in the chain of reasoning in which the Global ICO Fund presents it self. We do maybe not provide a brand new technology that may change the globe. Rather, we will utilize our financial and business expertise to drive the Blockchain industry forward with security. Through a careful and balanced selection process, we will recognize promising companies and offer them with all the building stones essential to become successful businesses. By doing this hopefully to steer the new financial market of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies toward a far more knowledgeable and effective ecosystem. Strip down all flashy websites and promises of wealth. See through the ridiculously oversized team of advisors. Disregard the desire to behave fast because a hefty early bird bonus is offered. Somewhere behind all of that nonsense, you’ll find the core business of the tip – the core of every team. This whitepaper is meant to supply you, dear reader, the marketplace research and investment strategies we need to apply with your as a supporter.

Token Sale: 01 February — 02 March
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