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Gold Forecasting Placer

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Token sale completed on 01 August
Goal: 1,000,000 USD
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Our team entered the market with an innovative product that does not need globe analogues.
Synthesis of the current achievements in prospecting geomorphology (structural geomorphology), computer modeling of sedimentological processes, fractal analysis of erosion dissected relief, besides as technological breakthroughs in the past few years within the field of processing big volumes of data, artificial cleverness and remote sensing for the Earth – has allowed to create an original way for large-scale forecasting placer objects.
Part of the elements with this technique is registered as an innovation, part exists by means of knowledge.
Our invention will assist you to bring a forecast of placer objects (gold, platinum and platinoids, jewelry stones, more forms of mineral garbage) for the territory that interests you.

Token Sale: 01 August — 01 August
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