Bitcoin 398.36
$10,685.55 3.72803%
Ethereum 22.32
$345.53 6.46054%
XRP 0.01
$0.23 3.90809%
Zcash 1.68
$54.49 3.08%
Monero 3.65
$92.11 3.96227%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.02991%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -14.54512%
Stellar 0.00
$0.07 2.86291%
Token sale completed on 10 June
Goal: Not set
Gominer (GT)

Gominer Token is a Peer-to-Peer token that has a complicated degree of security for a multi-functional digital currency as well as for all future usage expansion.
The token is developed to help our individual to interact and expand the way of the earning in Cloud mining. Using the Gominer Token individual can buying hashpower to begin mining cryptocurrency or update their latest account and get further services or upgrades.
Gominer Token increase the earning thru purchasing and attempting to sell their purchased hashpower, Gominer user’s who bought on early stage will gain greatly with this particular feature, they could sell their hashpower based on the present selling price and yes! Hashpower pricing is changing depending in the demand of crypto ecosystem.
Staking GM Token is another way to make in Gominer, By this way benefits for the Token will also create energy to boost.
Our very very own Gominer Token is aiming to become the better altcoin within the industry along with the tough security our Gominer Token may be stored on desktops, smartphone and electronic ledger. Our token behaves like a physical money possessing a higher opportunity to increase its very own benefits within the future.
Fast Transactions
Transaction is made easy and convenient utilizing GM Token, user can easily upgrade and get hashpower in instant.
Security of the user is one of the priority of Gominer. GM Token are developed the protection of all transaction in Gominer Platform. All transactions are traceable, transparent and irreversible.
Capped Supply
GT Token is developed limited, By in this manner user will have the privilege to raise the benefits of the token purchased.
Use of Gominer Tokens?
Gominer Token or GT could be the main money of Gominer that may be used in multiple service provided by Gominer Company.
GT can be transformed into hash power which will be utilized in mining.
GT can be sent and recieved from other Gominer consumers
GT can feel used in Gominer stacking system
Purchase Hashpower
Use your GoToken to buy hashpower and commence making through Gominer’s cloud mining.
Real Time GoToken
GT can be accustomed buy and sell from other users/miners in Gominer’s exchange platform.
Proof of Stake
Validators don’t actually receive a block reward and are alternatively fully rewarded through the transaction charges.
Purchase from Gominer Merchant
Gominer has a whole lot of diverse vendor that encourage GT because of their services.
GT’s security is top quality ranked, engineered by the better and experienced someone on the market. Users can also keep their GT on their vault and earned in the Gominer’s staking system.
B2B Payments
Through Gominer’s Social Platform, business owners can extend their network with other businesses and employ their services by making use of GoToken.
How to buy Gominer Token?
Easy steps to purchase Gominer Token.
1. Sign up wallet
This very first step is to register to build account. Use these url to visit subscribe page.
2. Buy Token
After your subscribe, deposit Bitcoin to shop for Go Token.
3. Buy Hashpower
Finally convert their GT to hashpower and use it to begin mining.
Gominer Tokens
Our Tokens with a realworld usage instance created in the blockchain network.
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000
Hard Cap $1,363,630.00
Soft Cap $136,363.00
Token Value $0.00136363
Accepted BTC
Token Allocation
Pre Sale: 45%
Token Reward: 20%
Bounty: 10%
Founders: 5%
Advisors: 2percent
Seed Round: 1%
POS Reward: 10percent
Token Reserved: 7%
Start Your Business with Gominer
Don’t worry anymore to control their cryptocurrency.
Everything is straightforward to use.

Token Sale: 27 May — 10 June
Token type
ICO Token Price
Total Tokens
Available for Token Sale
Know Your Customer
Market & Returns
Gominer (GT) token price
$0.0388945 0.0001125 ETH
Returns since ICO
Hype rate
Risk rate
Team Value
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