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$29,493.00 2.0551%
Ethereum 53.79
$1,983.14 2.71261%
XRP 0.03
$0.43 6.39803%
Zcash 3.02
$105.50 2.86482%
Monero 7.64
$178.67 4.27343%
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GoodX Finance Network (XFN)

Token sale completed on 14 September
Goal: 50,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper
GoodX Finance Network (XFN)

GoodX Finance Network AG are a fintech company with a mission to provide financial service to individuals and businesses regardless of their location, nationality, or social status. GoodX Finance Network AG together with its subsidiaries (GoodX Pay Ltd. and GoodX Payment Cards OU) are creating a platform for the customers to manage fiat currencies, cryptocurrency, investment gold, and other assets from one interface with zero fees.
GoodX developed a mobile and online application that allows people access to an endless flow of liquidity and convenient means of managing their personal finance. Through the GoodX software, users can open instant accounts and personal European IBAN records and receive the world’s very first charge card enabling payment in crypto or investment gold besides fiat currencies. Additionally, through GoodX app customers can play cross-border payments with a wide range of different asset classes.
Users can make free instant records with an individual IBAN through the GoodX app. The records can be opened in US dollar, British Pound Sterling, Euro and more major currencies. Moreover, within the software the people can purchase Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar Lumen, GoodX Token (XFN), GoodX Stable Coins and investment gold! Having all these assets placed with the digital wallet of GoodX and connected to credit card allows users to benefit from liquidity, make any number of acquisitions with merchants collaborating with GoodX, effortlessly transfer money abroad, and exchange assets or currencies at realtime rates.

Token Sale: 14 September — 14 September
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