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$45.67 1.74968%
Monero 2.42
$64.22 3.77346%
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GramGold (GGT)

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Token sale completed on 30 April
Goal: Not set

" Not simply an ERC20 token backed by Gold and a Global Gold Asset
Decentralised Trading Plaform primarily based on blockchain know-how & cryptocurrency…
Its a Gold Exchange, a Gold Vault, Gold ATMs
(to be sited in purchasing centres across the Globe) and a Foundation…
..all by a UK Precious Metals Processing Company, Birmingham Gold Company"
Revolutionizing Gold Markets, Globally!
"Why should you care? Because you, like most people, have probably paid too much when you bought Gold and when you've sold it, got far too little back. …We're going to change that. Use GramGold & Cryptocurrencies to buy, sell & exchange Gold"

Token Sale: 18 February — 30 April
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