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Trading & Investments
Token sale completed on 17 February
Goal: 35,000,000 USD
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Simple Automated Investment App Driven by AI & ML
Coin Big IEO Round 1:
GRAYLL services are mainly aimed at retail investors which have short amount of time for trading, speculation & buying the currency markets or could have almost no experience doing therefore. The techniques could be put on anything, for instance commodities, art, property, weather metrics, social networking trend data and therefore forth. GRAYLL is going to be an easy task to use for every person like many popular mobile & web applications. Similar to Gmail & Instagram registering & using the GRAYLL App will be a person friendly experience. Our algorithms make sure that a novice will be in a position to achieve out-sized comes back without understanding trends, volatility, leverage, margin, shorting, chances & derivatives. The algorithms become profitable in up-, down- and sideways trends. Data Science, AI & Machine Learning are an integral part of the App, these disciplines allow us to automate specific elements of the system & increase the user experience. The aim try to deliver users with simplicity, low skill requirements and low time commitments.

Token Sale: 01 July — 17 February
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