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GreatBritishPoundToken (GBPT)

Token sale completed on 15 March
1,350,000 USD 5,000,000 USD 27%
Website Whitepaper

GBPT aims to build an e-commerce system for electronics including the most effective Electronic brands worldwide. Besides listing all of the more used goods, we will provide advanced Bitcoin Mining Hardware (Bitmain). Our main aim is to create a platform that provides a more accessible, smooth and secure service to purchasers in a variety of countries.
GBPT aims to get rid of the anxiety about charge card fraudulence and identity theft by simply making the transactions via cryptocurrencies. As it isn’t necessary to offer any personal identification ideas for purchases made by cryptocurrencies, users won't feel anxious about exposing their information once they is shopping on the web. Users is likewise in a position to make payments ın mobile devices via QR codes. Making transactions via cryptocurrencies will additionally make the operations much faster, as a matter of moments, than the transactions made by other electronic money settlement systems which need days to process transactions.
Additionally, GBPT aims to make partnerships with the very best 10 brands of electronic products to assure the grade of goods and make sure their users that they buy the products from authorised vendors. Therefore, the platform will provide the item directly from the state brands and they will avoid buying fake items.
By placing the user experience in the first place, GBPT will offer their platform users aided by the choice to take their money back if they aren't content with the item they purchased. Once GBPT takes the item back either refund will feel made instantly or, as another probability, GBPT replaces the merchandise without any extra fees, so long as the new product isn’t valued higher compared to item that will be changed.
Other customer-friendly services like free shipping for orders over 30$ to every customer from around the globe and delivering within no more than 5-7 times, regardless where on world the distribution situated, will also feel on the platform for all users. GBPT will additionally provide fall shipping services on the platform, that allows resellers to sell goods, which is listed on GBPT, on their very own shop, while GBPT will handle the shipping procedure. Resellers will get faster services and further discounts according to their purchasing history.
The main cryptocurrency of the working platform will feel GBPT Token plus in addition to GBPT Token; users will manage to buy goods via BTC and ETH.

Token Sale: 15 December — 15 March
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