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Website Whitepaper

What’s GSTAR?
GSTAR(GOX) is a mobile-based Blockchain system. GSTAR(GOX) is performed the mining by the mobile game. Mobile game try the mining. It takes only 45 moments for mining. It is very simple and clear.
What’s main company of GSTAR?
1. Web-based mobile games for mining
2. Global audition program and Mobile broadcasting
What’s the merit of GSTAR?
Our business model just isn’t for the distant future, it is the understanding in the longer term. In 2019, people around the planet will encounter our company models. We have actually currently prepared our company models. We have actually 20 professionals including games, activity and blcokchain. We will do it without wasting our time. Our company model is clear, and our business model has these traits.
Problem and Solution
Waste of Electricity — No Waste of Electricity
Waste of Computer Hardware — No Waste of Computer Hardware
Waste of Land(factory) — No Waste of Land(factory)
Difficulty of access to Mining — Ease of access to Mining
Expert only can mine Crypto — Anyone can play game
Monopoly(Mass mining) — Shared economy(Personal mining)
///Now the game additionally produces the worth.///
The policy of Main-net
ERC20 GSTAR token will be employed for trading as stock on exchange and used as fluctuative currency for transaction. Main web will be used for purchasing contents like game. Main net is the fixed price's cryptocurrency as dollar. Two cryptocurrency and blockchain will feel swapped freely.
Advantages of GSTAR game
The age of genuine games has arrived. Now the overall game additionally produces value.
1. Mobile game mining, benefits system
Now mining is not labor. Let's enjoy mining. in 2019, new mining will emerge. The game it self is mining. Not one or two, but about 10 are launched during the exact same time. A brand new years involves mining. GSTAR opens a new mobile mining era. So far, there is no compensation program ~ !!!
Mining can feel done by spending in cash, but people who purchase GSTAR can reinvest and mined GSTAR. If you get GSTAR now, you’re going to get two advantages. If you reinvest in mining with GSTAR, which you at first bought at an affordable price, your income will feel multiplied.
2. Competitive Rewards Games
It is an application that rewards all the users from all around the globe by ranking them from the first to your last. Imagine it. It try an exciting reward game program where a large number of people and thousands of people compete in massive competition. It gives rewards to the last. What is my rank?
3. The existing mining Agency should get away.
Even if your spend only 45 seconds, it is mined. It is constantly possible to be mined when taking a break in the subway, bathroom, etcetera. It is not uneasy as the user can straight mine the overall game and check it immediately. Anyone in the world can mine. It is simple, not complex. Mining is achievable without teaching.
4. New mobile mining era, no spend of resources.
Are you visiting the North Pole for mining? We play and mine. It will not cost expensive electricity like current mining. No area needed. Time try additionally saved. It may take a while.
5. A truly shared economy has become begun.
Mobile mining is never as monopolistic as existing mining. 1 person, 1 mobile mining best. A true provided economy starts.
6. Coins mined in the game, used in the real world.
Now, play creates benefits. It is going to be used for various Internet contents and shops with coins mined while playing. We intend to apply various articles such as self-prepared and affiliated Internet articles. For instance, content could be used in many areas, like education and download services.
7. GSTAR mined is traded on the trade.
The coins mined are of program traded in the exchange. It can feel became the currency of each country through trade and used in truth. We are already negotiating with different countries to list on various exchanges.

Token Sale: 01 January — 20 March
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