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Guardian Gold (GGT)

Token sale completed on 27 February
12,122 USD 50,000 USD 24%
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Guardian Gold features the GGT token which are backed by 99.99per cent Gold Cast Bars from London Bullion Market Association Approved Refiners. 1 GGT = 1 Gram of Physical Gold. Guardian Gold Tokens could be redeemed for physical gold or even for the comparable value in Ethereum in the Guardian Gold Exchange.
GGT tokens showcase a Proof of Stake reward program which distributes 15% of most net token sale proceeds to GGT holders. GGT tokens can become bought straight on the Guardian Gold change web page during the initial sale rounds. In the future Guardian Gold will list GGT on several exchanges.
We will include our very own blockchain in Q3 of 2019. Silver and Platinum supported tokens is going to be included later in 2019 and very early 2020.

Token Sale: 30 January — 27 February
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