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Token sale completed on 30 November
391,599 USD 5,195,250 USD 7%
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HEdpAY is one of the primary projects linking conventional bank and the crypto universe. Hedpay has become created become 1st and more authoritative financial organization allowing consumers to move their fiat money (euros, weight, dollars, etc.) in crypto quickly and safely, using the following services: current account, debit card, Exchange. Hedpay provides investors exclusive opportunities: creating their very own blockchain, helping business owners developing brand new jobs (ICO) following detail by detail protocols, selecting only the top jobs so as to protect investors, assessing currencies already contained in the market. Hedpay is one of the primary to be producing investment funds in crypto, to maximize profits minimizing losings. Users will spend Hedpay both in e-commerce as well as in brick-and-mortar stores through our exclusive POS system, exchanging it easily and instant in fiat money.

Token Sale: 08 July — 30 November
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