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HexanCoin (HXC)

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Token sale completed on 10 May
Goal: 4 000 ETH
HexanCoin (HXC)

ABOUT HexanCoin :
There is multiple exchanges available to get and offer crypto-currencies but there are nevertheless major issues across these exchanges. Some of the main element issues in existing trading exchanges is lack of security, latency problems and limited automated trading which leaves the user vulnerable to ever-changing crypto-market.
Our HEXAN team work closly with traders then analyst who posses faced these problems despite having decades of expertise in the banking and I . t sectors, these is the crypto-currency market, to provide functionalities which should be non-negotiable in a good cryptocurrency exchange. HEXCHANGE will become a completely incorporated cryptocurrency trading exchange that resolves the key issues and challenges that traders are dealing with with current exchanges.
1. Highly Secure
Our change is going become on one of the securest platform with biometric
and authentication. We are currently providing 2FA ( Two-factor Authentication ) our HEXSECURE application is under going Alpha assessment.
2. Lightning Fast
Our trading engine will have a way to manage 1.8 million transaction per second and we are working towards our very first alpha testing and through the growth
we try to further enhance its scalability.
3. Advanced-trading
We will be offering eStack bot which is situated on advance machine learning and AI technology which assist the consumers to trade for the kids for a time period of 24 hours.
4. Fiat integration
It’s undeniable, fiat money still reigns supreme for its liquidity and reasonably stable valuation. As such, we’re securing the necessary legal agreements for offering fiat as a payment technique.
5. Multilingual Support
We will support English, Hindi, Chinese, Bengali and Russian on our user interfaces.The extremely initial language will likely be in English and Hindi only. More languages will be included over time.
6. Liquidity
Having a shallow order book means high slippage whenever trading,which is quite expensive for traders. Our trading system provides limit order guide for high-frequency trading which will make sure that liquidity continues to be healthy constantly.

Token Sale: 10 January — 10 May
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