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HomeMine (HMT)

Industry & Production
Token sale completed on 21 June
Goal: 5 250 000 USD
HomeMine (HMT)

HomeMine are a project to develop a budget device for every day home mining and bring it towards IoT market (Internet of Things). This unit is universal and may be integrated into any design or electrical appliance, from kettle to air conditioner. As a prototype for the launch, we incorporated the device into a network filter to that you can connect any home electric appliances (kettle, microwave oven, locks dryer, refrigerator, etc.) using the power spent on their work to initiate the mining process. Thus, HomeMine device allows for passive mining in a domestic environment minus the price of expensive products and may decrease the cost of consumed electricity or even bring you gain starting routine operations with household appliances that most people do every day.

Token Sale: 21 May — 21 June
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