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Honestis Network (HNT)

Goal: 3 400 000 USD
Honestis Network (HNT)

Honestis.Network is a system of application that will bring your lifetime to another location degree of security, range and effectivity. You’ll be on your own very own course, and you’ll define your very own way of engaging others. Your journey will feel safe. Its pace will match your preferences.
Social media has become an every day life, as well as the truth is that its purpose is to consume your time, creating you click ads and buy things your don’t need. The truth is, that the crucial element of today’s social media is ads effectiveness. Without it, social networking wouldn’t occur.
Decentralized applications according to blockchain and p2p technology clouds, fogs and grids have actually no agenda. The infrastructure try users, community it self. There is not any operator forcing a way of behavior. Token economy model works like that. It’s not about a single’s team income. It’s about a product, their quality, transparency, and community

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