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HydroMiner H3O Pre-Sale (H3O) Logo

HydroMiner H3O Pre-Sale (H3O)

Token sale completed on 31 July
Goal: 1,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper
HydroMiner H3O Pre-Sale (H3O)

Hydrominer is a pioneer within the area of inexperienced cryptocurrency mining, using hydropower from small to medium sized hydropower stations. Environmental-friendly Hydrominer is able to begin the inexperienced mining revolution. The new H3O token – the primary safety token within the EU: (1) New technology of token primarily based on participation rights; (2) „Tokenized safety“ to be transformed into shares at an IPO; (3) Already related rights as common shareholders; (4) Aligned pursuits between founders and token holders; (5) Capital market prospectus in keeping with European monetary market legislation for the primary token sale; (6) Presale for buyers above 140 000 US$.

Token Sale: 29 May — 31 July
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