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Ethereum 116.16
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Zcash -9.19
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Monero -22.48
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IAME Identity (IAM)

Token sale completed on 24 August
Goal: 1,000,000 USD
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IAME Identity is a decentralized recognition system that would enable events performing blockchain transactions to verify, on a main level, the identification of every other and never having to disclose non-essential sensitive personal information to the counterparties; as well as on an additional amount the supply of the Cryptocurrencies within the deal. Identification would become carried out by a large number of separate third celebration validators, each verifying fragments of information that together would represent a complete verification, such that just the first owner of the sensitive personal facts retains her/his data in a wholesome and useful ways. The consequence of the identification procedure would be hashed onto a designated blockchain and made accessible on a public repository such your identification status and supply for the cryptocurrencies connected with particular blockchain details could be consulted, without compromising the unique identification data.

Token Sale: 04 July — 24 August
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