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Iamhero ended up being designed to solve the major problems which have perturbed the work research industry since their inception. We examined all elements which were on most concern to users of job search service, methods and resources being made open to Jobseekers, Employers and freelancers. Our Team of very qualified expert programmers need innovated and optimized an AI driven matching motor on a safe base platform for over a year while developing optimal options to target and solve every issue the task search industry unveiled, whether in methods, resources, effectiveness, cost efficiency, processing speed, online & Mobile compatibility, social media connectivity, communications optimization, database protection, esthetic visual quality, global scalability, special unique feature development and much more. The outcome are an outstanding service which, although still in developing, offers several basic features that is finally ready to launch like the application service, the connecting potentials and a few other crucial and practical qualities!
There’s no better ways to know what we’re creating here than to put together yours free account and test drive the system as it’s being created. We invite you to setup their personal profile resume and experience this new tech very first hand whether you might be a Job Seeker, an Employer or a freelancer. Welcome to the brand new way of fulfilling your needs within fast increasing online industry.

Token Sale: 20 April — 20 April
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