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Ethereum -14.06
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Zcash 2.06
$76.61 2.68249%
Monero 4.53
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Tether 0.00
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Token sale completed on 29 September
10,682,516 USD
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ICONOMI’s objective try to supply a possibility for investors searching for high profits, not feasible in the old economy. It is going to do so through a simple and trustworthy entry point, providing them with a great experience, which is vital for keeping them buying the newer economy.
ICONOMI is producing the missing link between the old and also the newer economy. Speaking the language of this old economy and acting by the principles of this new one, ICONOMI’s transparent management will be provided by an EU legislation compliant and regulated service operator.
The whales of this globe don’t need to enter hundred of different blockchain tasks and cryptocurrencies, they often just want to invest into the broader photo: Blockchain – yes or no? ICONOMI will enable them to do just that.

Token Sale: 25 August — 29 September
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